Basic Principles of Manufacturing

If you are interested in a manufacturing job but have never built a substantial resume, RCP’s Basic Principles of Manufacturing course is designed for you.

The mission of this dual-focused training is to develop your knowledge and character, so you are better able to obtain life-sustaining employment, benefitting both you personally and your employer. RCP Founder Jeff Rowland includes personal examples to enhance your training and connect on a deeper level.

This program takes time and dedication to complete. Employers are welcome to use this certification as a prerequisite before making a job offer.

What’s Included?

Part 1

30 pages of training designed to build your knowledge of the manufacturing environment and general best practices for safety and production.



  • OSHA standards, PPE, lockout/tagout procedures, confined space training, and fire safety and response
  • Hazard communication plans (HAZCOM), hazardous materials (HAZMAT), safety data sheets (SDS), and GHS chemical labeling
  • Ergonomics and walking surface hazards
  • 5S, quality, production, and lean manufacturing
  • Company rules and guidelines

Part 2

10 pages of character development training to build your understanding of the intangibles needed to make you an invaluable team member.



  • Attendance, promptness, and dependability
    Respect, courtesy, and a non-confrontational attitude
  • Trustworthiness, responsibility, and honesty
  • Patience and commitment to learning company guidelines

Part 3

Complete a test and become certified in the Basic Principles of Manufacturing.

This program is not a job guarantee. RCP is proud to provide references to those who complete this program.

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